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How We Started

Chasing Chad was first formed in December 2009 as a group to support and inspire Chad Bordwell, who was in the hospital fighting a recently discovered brain tumor.  Chad's friends pledged to complete the equivalent of a marathon (26.2 miles) of physical activity during the month of December 2009.  Chad was thrilled with the support and asked that we use the enthusiasm to help raise money for brain cancer research and support others that were affected by the disease. 

In 2010, Chasing Chad was incorporated as a Wisconsin non-stock corporation for charitable and educational purposes.  We created a website that allowed our members to log their fitness miles, converting several different physical activities into mileage.  We held a number of fund-raising and social events, including a spin-a-thon and a Brewers tailgate event.  At the end of the year, the corporation donated $9,000 to the Brain Tumor Research Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center, affiliated with Froedtert Hospital. 

Our direct contribution, combined with other donations made in Chad's name to the research program, totaled over $17,000 in donations to the Medical College of Wisconsin.  We considered this a great first year to our organization and our mission. 

Chasing Chad made huge strides as an organization in 2011.  We held many successful events throughout the year (Night Out with HK, two spectacular Spin-a-Thons, and Bord's Bash to name a few) that contributed to us raising over $20,000.  We also applied for and received non-profit status towards the end of the year, which means that any donations to Chasing Chad are tax-deductible.  Thanks to all of your efforts and support, the Chasing Chad board met again with the Medical College of Wisconsin and presented them with an $8,000 check for brain tumor research. 

Chad's Story

Chad Bordwell
Chad Bordwell

Chad was a 36 year old loving husband and father of 3 young girls.  He was also a son, brother, and friend to many.  He was a driven individual, personally as well as professionally.  He was an avid runner, completing 9 marathons, and a sport enthusiast.  He enjoyed spending time with his friends, always coordinating the next get together. 

Chad began having headaches in early November 2009 just after completing the Chicago marathon (his 9th).  He was diagnosed with an astrocytoma/glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) tumor just after Thanksgiving in 2009.  He faced every challenge in his brief fight head-on.  He was able to make it home from the hospital for a week in December to spend time with his girls, attend their Christmas program, and log some walking miles on the treadmill.  Chad passed away on December 18, 2009. 

During his brief battle with the disease, Chad willingly participated in the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Brain Tumor Research Program at Froedtert Memorial Hospital.  He wanted to be able to help others that may be affected by the disease.  At one point he commented, “I just want to figure out a way to beat this thing, if not for me, then for others.” 

Chad is greatly missed by his family and friends, but he continues to serve as an inspiration to all who knew him and those who have learned more about him.  Chad also never failed to tell visitors to be sure to let their loved ones know how much they were loved everyday and to give their kids a hug.